Made In America: Let’s race to restore


Land that I love. Land that I was blessed to be born in to.  Land that had it all and is throwing it away.

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sins and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Can America be great again?


I can’t tell you step by step, but I can tell you this, it’s not going to happen solely on the perfect Presidential Candidate living in the White House for 4 or 8 years.

It starts with being Humble, Praying, Seeking God, and Turning from our wicked ways.

It starts at home.

It starts with LOVE.

It starts with Respect.

It starts with understanding that everyone has an opinion.

It starts with hard work.

It starts with not feeling entitled.

It starts with teaching  kids that they aren’t entitled either.

It starts with being a parent to our children and not putting our selfishness first.

It starts with making sure their education is more important than the latest electronic technology.

It starts with teaching kids that others have a heart and feelings and that what is sewn is reaped.

It starts with closing our mouths when we want to insert our opinions or argue.

Does it even matter?

People will stop complaining when? When there is no one for them to complain to. Stop listening and reacting.

When someone tells me they are for things I am against, I don’t argue. I just keep on keeping on with what I believe and with what I am lead to support.  I don’t tell them they are wrong, to them I am wrong, and that is alright with me. 🙂

I am amazed at the people that will speak up to put their 2 cents in to complain or add fuel to the fire, but won’t step up and roll their sleeves up and help a brother or sister in need.

I am disappointed in people raising their kids to think another race or gender OWES them something; or that their race is superior.  God made us all and guess what, HE loves us ALL THE SAME.

RACE: It has many definitions. The two we associate it with the most is skin color/ethnicity and a competition. You know as it, let’s race!  What are we doing?  Racing each other? Racing to see who’s better? Racing to tear the other down? My goodness, we should be celebrating each other and instead of comparing our differences, let’s embrace them.

For Pete’s sake let’s come together and RACE to RESTORE our country. 

I am dumfounded at the people that want to come to America because it’s the greatest place on planet Earth, they flee from their culture and the people oppressing them and then have the nerve to get here and TRY and take our RIGHTS, the things OUR country was founded on.

And what’s worse? What do we do? Call up someone and complain, shake our head. Sit back and take it.

When what we need to do is REMEMBER that WE ARE THE PEOPLE, the people that make up this country and we have more power than what we dare to realize.   Instead fear and an ” I don’t give a crap as LONG as it doesn’t affect me directly” attitude over takes our power.

It does too affect us, long after we’re gone we’ll have kids and grand-kids that have to contend with what we have left behind.

People love to think they are strong and in control. They tend to think no one can boss them around.  When we play into the lies, deceit, and traps that have been put in place ( by media, hate groups, and social media and even the government) we are not in control at all.

Turn on the news at any given time and you’ll see that someone has hurt a child, killed them, molested them.  That should break our hearts. Not just for the child but also because the perpetrator is a sick, lost individual overtaken with evil.  I am not saying feel sympathy for the perpetrator, but rather understand this is a vicious cycle that is sure to never end.

These people that aren’t raising their kids with love, morals, and values have probably not been raised with any of those things either. So these kids being raised by these people will grown up to raise the same kind of kids.   The cycle must be broken.  Love is the answer. Prayer is the answer. Kindness, gentleness, and patience is the answer.

And another thing, if you are in disagreement with what these celebrities “support” and “fund” STOP supporting them.   I have known people who complain about a celebrities endorsement but then they turn around and go see that movie, or buy that album, or book, or whatever they are selling. Stop spending YOUR money on them. You are empowering them.

You don’t kill something by feeding it. I love that saying …there are two beasts, the one you feed grows and the one you starve dies. So what are you feeding?






Why I gave up Facebook


Today was Day 1 of my giving up Facebook.  Coming to terms with this didn’t come easy. The call to do it came a long time ago.

Today was the first time in a long time I woke up truly refreshed. I didn’t get any extra hours of sleep. I believe in my heart that it was a reward for my obedience. I know that sounds insane.  I can’t help it.

There are many things I love about Facebook. I have met so many wonderful friends via Facebook that I hope to meet in person one day. For all the good it is, for me that good didn’t outweigh the negative.

I found that I was spending every spare moment and moments I didn’t have to spare scrolling through Facebook. I am one of those people I don’t just hop on and see what’s happening right now, no, not me, I have to scroll ALLLLLL the way from the last time I checked which thankfully wasn’t all that long ago. Whew.

Also I found that instead of loving others I found myself not understanding people at all, thus making me aggravated .  And let’s not even talk about the people that quote scripture and then share verbally and physically offensive memes and the like. I found that I wanted to argue back with people that belittled others or to defend people.

I know I heard the Lord correctly calling me to walk away. For how long, I don’t know. It’s up to Him.

All day I have felt good and strong. I have felt the presence of the Holy Spirit every moment of this day.

So here’s to setting my eyes on what’s above and not what’s in front!